Programming Note

Dear everyone- from now until Nov 30 ( or 50,000 words. Whichever comes first) no ones allowed to talk to me at night unless it’s super important bc I have to focus and write. Now anyone who knows me knows that never in my life have I ever taken anything seriously enough to actually FOCUS INTENTLY on it, unless it was an awesome video game, an even more awesome book, or illegally downloading music. So that should show you how serious I am about NaNoWriMo.

The only break I will take will be when Batman Arkham Origins comes out because PRIORITIES! Also, technically that game comes out 8 days before the contest officially starts, and I have every intention of binge playing it and finishing the game in two days MAX. I know, I’m sexy.

Here’s a cheat sheet of what is interruption worthy:
– if Anything Dave Grohl related happens that is breaking news.
-if Dave Grohl is somehow sitting next to you,in which case you are expected to have him call me from your phone.
-if Madonna calls
-if the Foo Fighters are playing. Super secret show and you’re taking me
-if you want to buy me a light saber
-if you have an extra Xbox One lying around and wanna give it to me bc I’m rad
-if you’re on fire. In which case, call 911, idiot
-if the zombie apocalypse has started and if it has: THIS IS WHY I NEED A LIGHT SABER, DAD!
-if Nathan Fillion wants to go on a date with me
-if you died

I feel it’s important we all establish and work with these ground rules because YOU don’t want to be the reason I fail at my goal of being a huge, successful writer one day. DO YOU NOW?!?!

Thanks. You’re swell.


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  1. Batrepreneur · October 17, 2013

    Please add on the list: If a new post of batrepreneur is published.
    Like tomorrow morning – I grant you this break😉

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